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frequently asked questions

How often can I use the products?

Our products have been used daily by a number of clients with various skin conditions with no adverse effects, and have been designed with daily use in mind.

Do I have to use the whole range to see a change in skin condition?

No, our products can be used separately or in any combination and will give the user a dramatic change in the job that they were designed for; however they have been formulated to achieve maximum results when used together.

After applying the cosmetics can I put make-up over the top straight away?

Yes you can use make-up, or perfume immediately after applying any of the Pristine range, without compromising the effectiveness of the products, and without any adverse effects.

How long will the products last once opened?

We recommend using the contents once opened within 4-6 weeks.

If I followed the Manufacturers recommendations on application, how long will the products last?

We have designed the contents to last approximately one month, depending on the quantity used.

Are any preservatives used in the Manufacturing of the products?

Because we use natural products, they may, in their raw form, have very unpleasant odours. To counter this we add very small amounts of fragrances. These have no effect on the skin and ALL the active ingredients are, of course, preservative free.

Have the products been tested on animals?


How do I enquire about becoming a distributor?

Please click on “Contact Us” and fill in the form to request for being one of our distributor. Our staff will contact you ASAP. We are happy to answer any of your questions.