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About Us

Pristine Cosmetic

Pristine Cosmetic was founded by Frankie and Kervin Wong. It started two years ago when they wanted a product to reduce, prevent or even repair skin deterioration. The reason being that even Homo sapiens will still come to face with age but there are still hopes of retarding, or reducing or even slowing it down to a pace where we can still look beautiful without harming our body through injection of toxins or going through painful operating procedure. Thus the ideas were put to test by a very well-known scientist who had more than 20 years’ experience in developing skin care products.

They finally put up a one million ringgit strategy to create the best product where one can see results instantly. Under the supervision of our capable Managing Director, Mr. Frankie Wong, we finally produce our first batch of highly concentrated serum to combat fine lines and be able to bring back the glow in our skin.  The products were tested for the past two years for stability, irritation, shelf life and usage.

With the final results to our company’s satisfaction and the high standard that we had set, the products were finally ready for launching. Pristine cosmetic had the highest GMP facilities to product the products and all S.O.P are in accordance to the standard set by the Ministry of Health with GMP standard.

Thus the new line of products for Pristine Cosmetic starts with four products for the Anti-wrinkle range. They are the highly non-corrosive and it is the first for the market with products without the chemical preservative like the isopropyl paraben and also without the SLES also known as the ether sulphate. We can call our products to be natural as we try to use all natural active ingredients for effective slowing down of wrinkle.

We try to conform to the eco-friendly requirement and set our own standards to provide harmless products to the skin and at the same time harmless to our environment as well.

Thus the first range of products for this range include a very mild everyday cleanser, toner, refreshing and finally the most important serum to repair, to activate and to protect the skin from fast aging.

While the products being created and produce, our chemist has started to prepare the next range of products for the market. We will have the following range in mind for the next two years. Care for acne, care for skin toning, care for skin firming, sunblock agent, etc.

Down the road, we will diversify our products range to include daily personal care, baby care, feminine care, specialty products, etc.

Pristine Cosmetic structure is categorized into two Business Units which include local segment and global business segment. Mr. Kervin Wong who specialized in global business development will provide all the necessary support for our worldwide development.

Pristine Cosmetic currently has 10 member staffs which include its finance department, marketing department, R&D department, beauticians. It has develops its website to provide an educational information to all users to care for its skin.